Common Terms for CSP Resellers

Licensing is always confusing, ensuring you receive incentives can be just as complex.  You are already selling the Microsoft Cloud, you should get credit for it.  Below is a list of terms you should be aware of and understand what each one means.


Digital Partner of Record (DPOR) associates servicing partners to a Microsoft cloud
subscription. It is an on-line capability to attach a partner to a customer’s Microsoft online subscription. Partners can qualify for competencies and incentives by being the
DPOR and enables them to help customers optimize their usage for desired business


Partner Admin Link (PAL) enables Microsoft to identify and recognize partners who
drive Azure customer success.  Optimized for managed services where your organization is acting on behalf of the customer, PAL allows you to associate your MPN ID with the credentials that you use to deliver services within the customer’s Azure tenant. Microsoft can attribute influence and Azure consumed revenue to your organization.


Claimed Partner of Record (CPOR) Online Services Usage Incentive program (OSUM365)
for Microsoft 365. CPOR enables you to create customer associations,
measure your impact, and get rewarded for successfully driving usage with your

Cloud Solution Provider Indirect Reseller Incentive

Designed to reward indirect reseller partners for driving Cloud Solution Provider
revenue to end customers, with a focus on customer adds and strategic cloud
products and solutions.


• Active MPN ID
• CSP Indirect Reseller
• Silver or Gold: Cloud Platform, Cloud Productivity, Small & Midmarket cloud solutions,
• 11 Competencies qualify for the CSP indirect reseller incentive
• Bank & Tax profiles

• 4% on O365, M365 & Azure billed revenue
• 6% on D365 billed revenue
• 10% on Azure Reserved VM Instances (RIs) consumption
• 1.25% on Software in CSP subscription billed revenue
• 6% on Strategic Software in CSP subscription billed revenue
For more information see the FY20 CSP Indirect Reseller Incentive Guide